Management and Governance

The London School of Business & Computing’s organisational structure is supervised by a Board of Governance. This board appoints the Principal, who serves as the institution’s leader, responsible for academic guidance and supervision. Consisting of directors, senior managers, external independent members, and a Chair, the Board of Governance collectively oversees the institution’s affairs.

The operational committees are responsible for managing the essential operations of  LSBC.

The Board of Governance establishes the school’s strategy and evaluates all facets of its management and resources. It convenes three times annually, aligning its protocols with the Higher Education Code of Governance. Supporting the Board are the Academic Board, Students Committee, and Finance Committee, which aid in fulfilling its duties. Additionally, the Academic Board receives assistance from the Admission Subcommittee and Disciplinary Subcommittee. As a sub-committee of the Board of Governance, the Finance Committee examines all aspects of the school’s financial management.

The departments within the school, along with their respective heads, adhere to the decisions made by each committee.

The membership of the committees is clearly defined, outlining reporting lines and terms of reference for both the committees and their subcommittees. Committee members convene regularly according to the scheduled meetings for each academic year. These committees are tasked with establishing, communicating, and tracking progress against the school’s corporate objectives.

Additionally, the committees oversee the effectiveness of the school’s direction and control. They identify, assess, and manage risks to achieve the school’s objectives, while also ensuring that the school’s Governing Board and stakeholders are confident in its business control and risk management processes.